Doane Professors Make CBS MoneyWatch Top 25

Our students have said it for years.

But CBS MoneyWatch recently made it official: Doane College has some of the best professors in the nation.

On Nov. 30, Doane was named to its "25 Colleges with Best Professors" ranking, placing 17th on the nationwide list.

MoneyWatch is a joint effort of CBS and business experts at BNET (CBS business network), which provides personal financial insight on topics ranging from investments to careers.

According to MoneyWatch, the colleges who made the 2010 top 25 share common characteristics. All are small, private institutions; most are liberal arts colleges with smaller classes and professors focused on teaching.

Doane was the only Nebraska college in the top 25, sharing the top of the list with such institutions as Carleton College, Randolph College and the United States Military Academy.

The rankings use figures from RatemyProfessors, a site that contains more than 11 million ratings on more than one million professors. The Center for College Affordability and Productivity, crunched the RateMy Professors numbers for the 600+ colleges on the list.

Doane's Crete campus has about 75 full-time faculty members.

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