Doane Professor Fulbright Scholar

Doane Professor Fulbright Scholar

Jay Kreimer, an adjunct professor at Doane’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies in Lincoln, has a passion for music. Kreimer, who is not only a musician, instrument maker and composer, can now add Fulbright scholar to his list of accomplishments.

Kreimer will travel to India in September for four months as an independent artist to create a video documentary about local bands. Kreimer became interested in this project when he and his family traveled to India four years ago when his wife, Wendy Weiss, had a Fulbright.

Early on in the trip while walking in Vadodara, Gujarat, they ran into a small wedding band. The band consisted of about 20 people with brass instruments, drums and electronic equipment powered by a 12-volt car battery carried on a cart. “I had a natural interest in those wedding bands that play in the street when I was there,” Kreimer said. “It sounded great and was interesting visually.”

Turns out, the bands were drastically under-recorded and only one book has been written about the type of music. “There seemed to be an opening,” Kreimer said, “so I decided to pursue it.”

After a lot of research and a week writing his application, Kreimer was accepted into the Fulbright program. While in India, Kreimer will find bands that he can follow. He will film many street performances during October and November (a strong wedding season in India) and document what the musicians’ lives return to when the season tapers off. He will also take lessons in the marching band drum style from one of the better drummers in the wedding band he met on his first trip to India as well as learn how to use their electronics.

“It’ll be a way of getting to know the people and understanding what they’re up to,” Kreimer said. “There’s that opportunity to dig deep into something, stay with it and do a project that means something.”

Follow Kreimer's upcoming Fulbright experience on his blog or learn more about him at

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