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Doane President Jacque Carter's Statement on Decision to End DACA

Doane President Jacque Carter's Statement on Decision to End DACA

Doane President Jacque Carter

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,


Doane University stands firmly in support of our immigrant students benefiting from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  The immigration policy implemented by President Obama in 2012 provides young undocumented immigrants brought into the country when they were children the opportunity to study and work with protection from deportation. We do this because we seek to be inclusive of all students attending our University and we believe in the potential of their bright futures.


Nearly 800,000 Dreamers benefit from the program.  An estimated 10,000 DACA youth graduate from college each year and there are roughly 3,700 dreamers in Nebraska, many of whom attend colleges and universities in the state.  These Dreamers have grown up studying and learning in our schools, enlisting in our armed services and becoming productive members of our communities.  These are smart, optimistic, hard-working young people who seek to be leaders in our communities while distinguishing themselves in jobs and careers in science, business, medicine, and the arts. These young people, like many immigrant generations before them, possess the grit and determination that has made the United States the most successful, prosperous, generous, innovative, freedom loving country in the world.  


Dreamers are paying taxes, receiving driver’s licenses, and buying cars and first homes, all of which generate revenue for our local communities, the state and federal governments.  They are ineligible for federal benefits including Pell Grants, federal student loans, as well as health care tax subsidies.  But beyond these compelling reasons for supporting Dreamers, we must also understand that this is the only home most of them can remember.


The Trump Administration has made the decision to end this important program that has protected Dreamers from deportation.  The Administration’s plan is to have a six-month delay in any action regarding the DACA program to allow Congress time to pass legislation that would allow DACA beneficiaries to stay in the country. We strongly support keeping immigration policy in place that allows Dreamers to continue to work and study while Congress works in good faith to bring forth a permanent solution we all seek to this long-standing issue in our country.


At Doane University, we will continue to work to provide a safe, open academic teaching and learning space and student life experience where all students are welcomed. Our support for DACA students is not a partisan issue, but rather a human rights issue. And as an academic community, we intend to protect and support our students during these uncertain times. We believe this group of young people deserve to live the American Dream.