Doane Named College of Distinction

Doane Named College of Distinction


Doane College has once again been named a College of Distinction by

The 2012-2013 school year list includes 294 colleges and universities in 42 states and two countries, the United States and Canada.

Tyson Schritter, Executive Editor of the Colleges of Distinction eGuidebook said the schools were among the best in North America.

“Each school goes above and beyond the Four Distinctions that really make an undergraduate education: Great Students, Engaged Teaching, Vibrant Communities, and Successful Outcomes,” Schritter said.

The website evaluates each of the Four Distinctions on an individual level. Included schools value well-rounded educations and success in and out of the classroom, as well as after graduation.

Colleges are recommended for the list by high school counselors. Quantitative research is also used as a guideline for inclusion. The site is used as a tool for high school students to evaluate various undergraduate schools.

The schools are not ranked. Instead, the list is considered a group of equally-qualified colleges and universities, each with its own unique benefits.

A full list of colleges and universities can be found at





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