Doane leaders build for tomorrow's educational landscape

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While a traditional college experience holds a strong place in the array of educational opportunities, more and more students are seeking alternatives that provide them with mobility, affordability and high quality. Doane’s online courses already provide all of that, but there is a broader, international market that calls for different strategies.

Doane leaders recently attended an edX Global Forum, hosted by the University of British Columbia, to learn more about how to build for tomorrow’s educational landscape in a global marketplace.

“It is imperative that Doane leaders listen to the conversation, be aware of the many perspectives on education at the local, state, national and global levels, and be poised to move Doane ahead, based on knowledge of current realities,” said Doane President Jacque Carter.

EdX was founded in 2012 by Harvard University and MIT as an online learning destination and provider of Massive Online Courses, or MOOCs, with the mission of offering free course access to students across the globe. Since its inception, edX has grown to include 110 global universities, nonprofits and institutions. Governed by its partner institutions, edX remains committed to providing free online courses, and is now expanding into high-demand areas of study including some bachelor’s and master’s level course offerings, potentially a revenue-generating enterprise for member universities.  

The edX Global Forum brought together university leaders from around the world, and leaders of large businesses that rely on universities for ongoing staff education in a rapidly changing technological environment, including Boeing, Amazon and Microsoft.

“The important take-away from the edX Global Forum is the critical nature of understanding a global audience, what they require, and how universities can respond to the unique needs of each student and each business partner in an evolving landscape.” said Carter.

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