Doane Hosts Multicultural Fair

Doane College will host its annual Multicultural Fair this Friday, April 20th. Around 600 elementary and middle-school students from Crete and Lincoln Public Schools will attend the event, which is designed to show students "No One Alive is Youer Than You!" through Dr. Seuss's book, "The Sneetches"

Students will begin arriving on campus at 10 a.m., and will remain on campus until 2 p.m.

Participating students will engage in a variety of activities designed to promote awareness of differences and ways to encourage equality. Junior and sophomore Doane education students will help put on the event, which is a mix of rotating activities.

The fair will also host a Step-up group from Lincoln Southeast High School, and a storyteller from Seattle.

Katherine Roemmich, a student chairperson for the event, said the goal this year was for students to have fun, but also learn something concrete to take back with them.

"We want to keep it simple, but effective," said Roemmich. "We're not getting fancy, but we want to get the message of equality across. We're all the same; sometimes it's hard for kids to get this."

Each attending classroom will get a copy of "The Sneetches" to take back with them.

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