Doane Graduate Named Hastings' Police Chief

Doane Graduate Named Hastings' Police Chief

Pete Kortum, a graduate of Doane College, is the new Police Chief of Hastings.

Kortum received his undergraduate degree in public administration through a collaborative program (2 + 2 Program) with Central Community College and Doane College’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies in Grand Island. He later went on to receive his master’s degree in management from Doane and taught a political science course at the college.

Kortum was chosen out of 27 candidates who applied for the Hastings position. He has worked with the Grand Island Police Department (GIPD) since 1974, where he climbed to the title of captain. Even though he had more than 35 years of law enforcement experience, he needed more education to continue to climb in his career. When he returned to school, he had a chief’s position in mind.

“I’ve been very fortunate, I’ve been given a lot of opportunities in a lot of different community efforts,” Kortum said. “I’ve had the opportunities to be involved in the school district in Grand Island, and I recognized how important those relationships are.”

Jennifer Worthington, Grand Island campus director, said the 2 + 2 program that Kortum participated in was helpful for adult learners as they decide what program they wish to pursue.  

She said students first attain their associates degree through CCC and transfer to Doane’s Grand Island campus to finish their bachelor’s degree.

One of the unique features of the program, Worthington said, was the dual advising program. Students can pursue the program with an advisor at both colleges so that their degrees and classes mesh to create a cohesive class-load.

Along with his master’s degree from Doane, Kortum also has a long history of community leadership, serving numerous organizations, from the public school board to a foster care review board.

Photo by Amy Roh/Hastings Tribune

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