Doane Family Association of America Elects President

Kenneth M. Doane, 78, was elected President of The Doane Family Association of America, Inc. The 965 Ken Doanemember nonprofit, with members on three continents, was organized to create interest in the history and welfare of the descendants of Deacon John Doane who arrived in Plymouth Massachusetts in 1630. Deacon John Doane became one of the principal men in the affairs of the Plymouth Colony along with Miles Standish.

The election was held Friday, July 27, 2012, during the association's national session in Plymouth, the historic site for the family. Kenneth M. Doane will oversee the publication of the third book in the Doane Family genealogy series, the Deacon John Doane Research Committee, and the partnership with Family Tree DNA.

"Through the DNA project, and other research that has become available online, we want to pursue the identification of Deacon John Doane's parents, who we believe came from England," said President Kenneth M. Doane.

He will also manage the family's foundation, an auxiliary asset of the national organization. The Foundation funds college scholarships for Deacon John Doane descendants. Scholarships are also available for students attending Doane College in Crete, Nebraska -- one of the top 50 Midwestern colleges as ranked by

"We are exploring ideas with Doane College to create a partnership for an archival quality storage facility, and the other thing I'd really like to see is growth in the college scholarship fund," said Kenneth M. Doane.

Doane retired in 1999 as the Southwest Washington branch manager of Transnation Title Insurance Co. He also served as President of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, and was one of the first Junior First Citizens of Vancouver, Washington.

The Doane Family Association of America, Inc., has met biennially for the past 104 years. It welcomes those with surnames of Doane, Doan, Done, Donne, variations thereof, their spouses and descendants - as well as anyone interested in the family's history, which encompasses the notorious Doan Outlaws of Bucks County Pennsylvania who were featured on a segment of PBS's History Detectives. 

The next national reunion, which will feature historic tours, research updates and history presentations, will be held July 2014 in Michigan. Anyone interested is encouraged to attend.

Kenneth M. Doane,; 360-574-7670
Carol Doane,; 360-910-4610


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