Doane, CAMC Create Athletic Training Outreach Program

Doane College and Crete Area Medical Center (CAMC) are pleased to announce an Athletic Training Outreach partnership between CAMC and Doane College. 

The Athletic Training Outreach program will be fully operated and executed by CAMC.  While athletic trainers will office on the Doane campus, CAMC will employ, supervise and oversee the program.   A physician from CAMC will be appointed as the medical director of the program.

Greg Heier, Doane Athletic Director, said that the decision was made to partner with CAMC because of the additional benefits it provides student athletes. 

"Due to the growth of our athletic programs in terms of both size and scope, it was increasingly difficult to address the full range of athletic training needs with internal resources," said Heier.  "The partnership is designed to increase the athletic training resources, including number of athletic trainers and their availability."

Existing athletic training personnel at Doane College will be offered the opportunity to pursue employment with CAMC under the Athletic Training Outreach Program.

"The student athletes' health and well-being is our primary objective," stated Carol Friesen, president and CEO at CAMC.  "This program will provide excellent continuity of care for students, giving them the treatment options of athletic training, injury rehabilitation, orthopedic consultation and surgery without ever leaving the Crete community." 

"In addition to our on-site staff, we have an excellent mix of specialist physicians who travel from Lincoln to conduct regular clinics at the medical center," said Friesen. "This will prove to be a huge benefit for student athletes." 

While an agreement has not been finalized, Doane College and Crete Area Medical Center anticipate the partnership will start when students return to campus in the fall of 2010. 


President Jonathan Brand added, “This is exactly the benefit we can bring our students when the college creatively partners with others in the Crete community.” 


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