Doane Area Campaign Exceeds Goal

It's one thing to meet a goal.

It's another to leave it in the dust.

When Doane's fiscal year came to a close recently, so did the official end of the 2009-10 Doane Area Campaign.

With the last gift tallied, total contributions came to $190,012 - some $30,000 beyond the $160,000 goal set last fall.

For the college to see this kind of support in this kind of economy, it speaks to the strong relationship Doane and Crete share, said Doane President Jonathan Brand.

"As other institutions struggle and some even close doors, we can be thankful that Doane remains strong thanks only to the support of our alumni, friends and the Crete community."

It's even more impressive, administrators said, when considering that there wasn't a single unexpected donation that made the difference in the total. Rather, it's the hundreds of area donors - and 29 community and 32 faculty and staff volunteers - who are owed the thanks.

"Doane and Crete share a mutually beneficial relationship. One cannot do it without the other," Brand said.

The campaign kicked off in September with the theme of  "Doane's Impact on the Community, and the Community's Impact on Doane."

Because access to the college remains Doane's highest priority, all gifts to the campaign not designated for a specific purpose are used to support students from Saline County high schools.

Kelly and Dr. Jim Jirovec of Crete led this year's campaign. Kelly has worked at the college for 13 years, and Jim grew up in Crete and is also a dentist in Crete.

Planning for the 2010-11 Doane Area Campaign is well underway. It will kick off in late September, and be led by Crete Public Schools Superintendent, Kyle McGowan, and his wife, Lori, of Crete.

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