Doane Announces Environmental Science 3+2 Program with UNL

EVS student conducting research

Doane University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln proudly announce a cooperative dual degree program in Environmental Science. Highly qualified environmental science students wishing to complete a bachelor's and a master's degree can do so in five years through Doane's 3+2 program with UNL.

A student who declares the Environmental Science major at Doane University will be eligible for the 3+2 program after selecting either the Agriculture of Natural Resources emphasis area or the Biology emphasis area. Doane undergraduate students will be required to complete 90 credits, including all Doane Core Connections requirements, prior to beginning the Master of Applied Science degree in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

"I think this really opens up a lot of opportunities for Doane students and prospective students in an area that's growing very rapidly," said Russ Souchek, Environmental and Earth Sciences Department Chair. "The university has a commitment to this area. We have a number of environmental courses that I think strengthens a student's resume -- environmental geology, earth climate and energy, natural resources, these are courses you typically can't find at a private undergraduate college."

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will decide admission of applicants from the cooperative dual degree program to the Master of Applied Science. Although satisfactory completion of three years of undergraduate coursework and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher qualifies a student for application, the final admission decision will rest with the Master of Applied Science Graduate Committee and the Office of Graduate Studies at UNL.

"There's a strong need right now for students to be involved in agriculture and natural resources," Souchek said. "In the coming years, there are more job openings than qualified students to fill them so it's a great time to be involved in agriculture and natural resources and environmental science."

In addition to Doane's environmental science cooperative dual degree program with UNL, Doane also partners with Duke University, where students can complete a Master of Environmental Management degree in the 3+2 program.

For more information regarding the Environmental Science program at Doane and the new 3+2 program with UNL, including a list of course requirements, click here.