Clanton, List appointed to Ardis Butler James Endowed Chair for 2018-19 academic year

Dan Clanton and Jared List

Doane professors Dan Clanton and Jared List have been appointed as the two holders of the Ardis Butler James Endowed Chair for the Advancement of the Liberal and Fine Arts for the 2018-2019 academic year. Clanton, an associate professor of religious studies and the division chair of fine arts & humanities, and List, a professor of modern language, will receive enhanced faculty development funds and a one-course release during the 2018-2019 academic year.

The additional funds Clanton and List will have access to can be used for travel, books, equipment, undergraduate research assistants, technology support, or for additional expenses that support their specific project. The current faculty members holding the chair for this academic year are information science professor Mark Meysenburg and English professor Katy Hanggi.

“I was excited and honored to receive this award,” said List. “I very much appreciate the Ardis Butler James contribution to our campus in terms of fostering the opportunity for additional research and innovation in the classroom.”

“I was very pleased that not only would I have the opportunity to work more diligently on research projects, but also pleased that Doane is a school that values research, that has opportunities for faculty that want to pursue academic research,” Clanton added.

Established in 2011, the Ardis Butler James Endowed Chair for the Advancement of the Liberal and Fine Arts has allowed faculty members to spend more time on research, writing, networking, and connecting with other professionals in their field to enhance their coursework.

In February of 2011, the Robert & Ardis James Foundation generously agreed to endow the Chair with a $750,000 donation. At the highest level, the chair will support Doane University faculty in advancing the liberal and fine arts through the development of original scholarship or creative work, or through the development of curricula that effectively integrate a variety of perspectives on art, culture, and the human condition. Simply speaking, it provides valuable time for faculty members they may not have otherwise had when teaching a full schedule.

List, a Spanish professor, is currently working on research related to Central American documentary film. “I’m excited to be able to continue to further develop the project I’m working on,” List said. “This allows me to potentially go back to Central America to interview filmmakers, attend film festivals, conduct more field research, and make more connections.”

Clanton, meanwhile, has a very strong writing background as he has written two books, edited one book, and co-edited another book. Clanton's project is focused on editing the Oxford Handbook to the Bible and American Popular Culture which will explore the reciprocal relationship between the Bible and Popular Culture that has blossomed the past few decades. “Having extra faculty development money to go to conferences, allowing me the opportunity to network, present, and receive feedback is very appealing.”

Clanton and List will begin serving as the Chair holders on July 1, 2018.