Chicano touring production 'Minnecanos' to perform on Crete campus

Chicano touring production Minnecanos to perform on Crete campus

Mixed Blood Theatre brings "Minnecanos," its acclaimed Chicano touring production, to Doane’s School of Arts and Sciences Campus for a Wednesday performance at 8 p.m. on Nov. 6 in Heckman Auditorium. The performance is sponsored by Multicultural Support Services and is free and open to the public.

"Minnecanos" spans four generations and the entire 20th Century in its spirited illumination of Mexican-American history.  Its story begins at the Minneapolis home Diego Morales has owned for more than 40 years.  Encouraged by the bemused ghost of his loving wife, the old man uses the contents of an ancient trunk to ignite his great-grandson's interest in their rich cultural heritage.

Such milestones as El Rencanche (the train shuttle that brought laborers from the Southwest to Minnesota's sugar beet fields), the mass deportations of the Great Depression and the Cesar Chavez-led farm workers’ movement are highlighted in this captivating 45-minute performance.

Brimming with energetic corridos (story-songs), a refreshing optimism, and more than a little humor, "Minnecanos" is a buoyant celebration of the accomplishments, character, and aspirations of Latinos in Minnesota and across the country.

It was written for Mixed Blood Theatre by Thomas Benitez and Joe Minjares, a successful restaurateur (Pepito's in south Minneapolis) before turning his talents to theatre.  The talented cast includes returning veterans Pedro Bayón as Diego and Ricardo Vazquez as his great-grandson, Jimmy.  They are joined by Maggie Bofill from Mixed Blood’s “In The Time of the Butterflies,” as both Diego’s granddaughter and the ghost of his wife.  The show is again directed by Raúl Ramos.

Minnecanos is one of five culturally-specific productions toured this season by Mixed Blood Theatre, a Minneapolis-based multicultural theatre company founded in 1976. The others include biographies of Dr. Martin Luther King (“Dr. King’s Dream”) and Challenger space shuttle astronaut Ron McNair (“Black Eagle”); “Daughters of Africa,” a music-driven history of African-American women; and “The Deaf Duckling,” performed simultaneously in American Sign Language and English.

For more information, contact Wilma Jackson in Multicultural Support Services at (402)-826-8620.

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