Campus Tree Planting Effort Awarded Grant Funds

Doane's tree planting effort received a boost from a $5,500 grant recently announced by the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum in the Trees for Nebraska Towns program, funded by the Nebraska Environmental Trust.  

Doane's project was one of 39 across the state receiving a portion of $270,000 in grant funds from the program, which was established primarily to aid in the planting of large-growing trees in Nebraska communities.

"Diseases, insects and weather impacts have killed or damaged millions of trees in communities across the state in recent years," according to Justin Evertson, coordinator of the program for the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum.

Additionally, the emerald ash borer has the potential to kill most of the state's green ash trees in the coming years, he said. The green ash is one of the most common trees in Nebraska communities.

With the advice as well as the financial support of the NSA, Doane's landscaping staff purchased and planted 32 large-growing trees to replace trees that had been lost to disease or storm damage. Placed at various spots across the southern and central areas of campus, the new trees include maple, birch, catalpa, hackberry, American yellow wood, persimmon, oak, elm and yellowthorn. 



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