Becoming part of the legacy

Becoming part of the legacy

Bailey Kremke ‘13 was walking through Cassel Open Air Theatre during finals week for a study break when she stopped to look at the engraved bricks around its perimeter. She spotted her name.

Her parents surprised her by buying her a brick to commemorate her time at Doane.

“I think it’s kind of cool,” Kremke said. “Doane has made such a big impact in my life and it’s been such an important place for my family.”

Both Kremke’s parents graduated from Doane and have bricks around campus with their names engraved.

Part of the significance of Kremke’s brick being at Cassel is that it’s the location where students begin and end their career at Doane.

First-year students start their college journey with a candle lighting ceremony at Cassel Theatre, unsure about this new, unfamiliar place. It is tradition that students graduate at Cassel Theatre as well, ending their journey and leaving what has become home.

Personalized, engraved 4-x-8 bricks can be purchased for $150 through the Pave It Forward Campaign to complete the perimeter of Cassel Theater.  

Students can purchase bricks to become part of the legacy of Cassel Theatre, and after graduating in May, 46 students in the 2013 class have their own brick to commemorate their time at Doane.

“The bricks are always going to be in the ground,” said Tomie Curry, assistant director of development for annual giving. “If you’re a senior and you really enjoyed your experience here, then you can get a brick and be a part of campus forever.”

Participation in the campaign contributes to the renovation of historic Cassel Theatre. It also makes it possible for future students to take their journey at Doane as 25 percent of each donation will go toward the Doane Scholarship Fund.

If you would like to purchase a brick, or have any further questions, please contact Tomie Curry at, call 402.826.8246 or order online

PHOTO: Nate Knobel '14

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