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Andrew sees success in multiple areas at Doane

Andrew sees success in multiple areas at Doane

Bret Andrew

It’s 4:00 on a Wednesday afternoon in the fall. The Doane choir is practicing for an upcoming concert. Notes are belting, music is flowing, and cleats are tapping?

That is, at least for one member of the choir.

Walk in the room and Bret Andrew ’18 will likely draw your attention immediately. Not just because of his gifted musical talents, because on this day, and many others in the fall, Bret shows up to choir practice as prepared as he can be to go directly to football practice once his time at choir is up, dressed in half pads, with his cleats on and wrists taped.

“The fact he got dressed out for practice before going to choir made it even neater for us,” said Matt Franzen, head football coach at Doane. “Probably not so much for the choir, knowing his pants probably carried a little funk with them,” Franzen joked.

Juggling multiple activities has been something Bret has been used to his whole life, and in part, is what drew him to Doane.

“I was looking for a place that I could pursue multiple passions at the same time, things I wasn’t ready to give up on yet,” Bret said. “Doane has been awesome about working with my schedule so I can put a lot of energy into all of my interests, whether that’s academics, music, or football.”

Bret’s passion for music and football stemmed largely from his father, who has played the guitar for many years and was a football player in college. Bret says he learned to play the guitar when he was 13 and loves music because “it’s soulful and connects people in so many different ways.”

“Growing up my parents and grandparents were oftentimes singing around a campfire,” he says. “There was always an exposure to music.”

Bret’s musical talents have expanded well beyond playing the guitar. He has had a lead part in the last three musicals and has also been a part of the Doublewide Men’s Acapella Group at Doane for the last three years. Bret has even used his talents as a performer to become involved with Doane’s theatre department, performing in a number of plays that have received regional recognition.

"Over the course of his time here at Doane, Bret's dedication to studying music has really paid off," said Hannah Jo Smith, a vocal instructor at Doane. "Bret's musicianship skills have improved dramatically and he's become a very fine ensemble musician."

While Bret has had great success on the stage, his performance on the football field never missed a beat. Bret steadily climbed the depth chart over his four-year career at Doane, becoming a team captain and starter at linebacker his senior year, ranking in the top five on the team in total tackles. During his time at Doane, the Tigers went 30-12 over a four-year span, including back-to-back appearances in the NAIA Football Championship Series.

“Bret brought everyone else around him up,” Franzen said. “He embodies real leadership not just on gameday, but at practice, in the weight room, etc.”

“I love football because it’s given me tools to succeed in the real world,” Bret says. “Football has been a journey of leadership. In life, you have to learn to work with others. What better way to do that than to work with 11 other guys at once to get one specific job done.”

While his extracurricular activities hold a very strong meaning to him, academics have always taken priority. As a biology major, Bret has aspirations of becoming a doctor after graduation.

“My love for science came from the want to help people,” Bret says. “I believe you’re put on Earth to help those around you be the best they can be, and in turn, that makes you the best you can be. If I could do that by becoming a doctor after medical school, that would be the most fulfilling thing I could do.”

As a student, athlete, musician, and performer, Bret will graduate from Doane in May, knowing that his four-year chapter at Doane hit all of the right notes.