Alternative Spring Break heading to Moore, Okla.

Alternative Spring Break heading to Moore, Okla.

Spring break is a time where many students choose to recuperate from the semester.

“I slept all week my freshman year (spring break),” Aileen Gelb '15 said. “There are just better things you can do with your time.”

Including Alternative Spring Break, where students travel to a community in need and give back.

Last year, 26 Doane students - Gelb included - traveled to Waldo Canyon in Colorado Springs, Colo., which was devastated by forest fires. They helped in many ways, from clearing and chipping slash to building log erosion barriers. They also learned a lot about wildfires and restoration.

“It was humbling to see the places we were helping,” Gelb said. “You hear about forest fires on the news, but it’s different when you see it.”

This year students will travel to Moore, Okla., where a tornado hit in May 2013, killing 23 people and injuring 377 others. They will help serve in the community where over 1,000 homes were destroyed.

Augie Sanchez '14, who went on Alternative Spring Break last year, will attend again. He said the trip gave him an opportunity to meet people he wasn’t friends with before.

“I made lasting friends from that trip,” he said. “It broadens my view about people.”

Students interested in joining the trip must sign up by Feb. 14 by filling out a survey and making a payment of $30. Departments at Doane can donate money or supplies as well. Sodexo has already donated all the bread for lunches. If money is left over from the trip, students will make a contribution to the Moore community.

Gelb said what motivates her to go to Moore are the people who planned the trip last year - her role models.

“(Alternative Spring Break is) just a really good and relatively easy way to show you care about the community outside of Doane,” she said. 

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