Agribusiness program expands its offerings

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Doane University’s recently launched Agribusiness program is expanding its course offerings to undergraduate students on the Crete campus.


Beginning this month, Doane’s College of Arts & Sciences will offer students the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Agribusiness that includes a blended curriculum of both online (eight-week courses) and on-ground classes (traditional semester). The curriculum is designed to help prepare graduates for employment in a variety of fields including international agriculture, agricultural marketing, farm and ranch management, resource economics, rural development, and banking.


Students will also have the opportunity to declare agribusiness as a minor or emphasis area. The following courses are only offered online by Doane University as part of this program: Ag Futures & Options, Ag Law & Policy, Advanced Ag Technology, Ag Finance, Ag Sustainability, and Advanced Ag Management.


The agribusiness major and minor provides students with the skills needed to influence food production at the local, national, and international levels.


Dr. Russ Souchek, professor of environmental science at Doane, believes the mix of online and on ground courses, something new to undergraduate students on the Crete campus, will be received well.


“Change is taking place in both agriculture and higher education today,” Dr. Souchek said. “Doane’s bold agribusiness program recognizes the tight relationship between agribusiness and agriscience as well as on-ground and online learning.”


As Dr. Jennifer Bossard, associate professor of economics, explains, the agribusiness program is interdisciplinary, merging science and business. In the program, students will establish a foundation in both business and environmental science and then build on that foundation by taking several agribusiness courses that integrate these fields. As students progress through the program they will enhance their skills in communication, critical thinking, and collaboration, which will prepare them to be leaders in the field once they graduate.


“This is an area of study that is in demand,” says Dr. Pedro Maligo, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. “Our ability to deliver this program with its interdisciplinary design means that students will be well-prepared from a variety of perspectives, thus enhancing their competitiveness as graduates of the program.”


According to a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, an average of nearly 60,000 highly-skilled ag-related job openings are expected annually in the United States over the next five years, with only roughly 35,000 graduates in food, agriculture, and renewable resources or the environment graduating each year to fill them.

Doane’s College of Professional Studies began offering a Bachelor of Arts in Agribusiness to adult students in August of 2018. Additional details on the Agribusiness program can be found here.