After graduation, Cox returns to Late Show

After graduation, Cox returns to Late Show

New York City has called graduate Callie Cox back to its streets.

Cox '13 graduated from Doane after the fall semester with majors in Journalism and Media and English with a minor in theatre. Last summer, she interned for CBS' “Late Show with David Letterman,” where she worked with the music department.

After graduation, Cox was asked back to the show to be a paid page in a nine-month program. She said she is excited to work with the audience, which is different from when she was working behind the scenes. Each area she has worked in has helped her learn new things that will contribute to her dreams in TV production, Cox said.  

At the end of January, she packed her things and headed for the city.  When she left for the summer, it was hard because it was new, she said. This time, she said she was moving there for good and the permanence of leaving her family and friends was what was hard - but worth it.

“It means a lot to get my foot in the door and get contacts to get to a higher place,” Cox said.

The work ethic and networking she learned in Doane's journalism department helped her in landing the internship and job.  She said the personability and friendliness of Doane's School of Arts and Sciences campus in Crete made the transition to the show easier because it shares the same environment.

Cox is also interning for Praytell Strategy, a new public relations firm owned by Doane alum Andy Pray. She is serving as their first intern.

Cox gave her advice about anyone dreaming of a job that they do not think they will be able to get.

“Don’t doubt yourself. If you think you want to do something, try it. I never imagined I’d be working for Letterman and now I am,” she said.

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