by Jameson Officer-Thurston 22’

In Graphic Design IV students have the chance to self direct a project that allows them to explore new areas of design with the aid of our faculty. Jameson came to the class with an interest in education, financial literacy, and interactive design. Though Capital Gains is only a theoretical project,  it confronts a real problem and presents a unique solution.



Many young adults are financially illiterate.

Jameson took a survey that presented eight different financial ideas, only 22% of participants could say they were fluent in four or more ideas.



Gamify a digital learning experience to aid those who are financially illiterate.

In the previously mentioned survey the participants were also asked how they prefer to learn, 77% claimed to learn best with hands-on experience


a screenshot of the Capital Gains app showing a multiple choice question "What is a stock?"

The Project

The app offers an achievement based game to walk the user through important terms and topics. As the user learns they earn an in app currency that can be used for investments in the stock market. Though the currency is fictional, the stock market is built on real time data, making it a risk free learning environment that can prepare for real world investments.The user is encouraged to learn about financial concepts, with the incentive of testing stock market concepts they may have read online or discussed with their friends. As the market changes so does your in-app value.



Experience a functional prototype of Capital Gains

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screenshot of the proposed Capital Gains app showing an investor's dashboard with a total graph of investments displayed.Screenshot of the proposed Capital Gains app showing a screen where a user's collected achievements are displayed.Flowchart of the user journey for the Capital Gains app.