New Student Housing Application

Preferred Residence Hall
Listed below are your residence hall options. Please rank them according to your preference, leaving blank any options that do no apply to you. Frees, Sheldon, and Smith are traditional style halls, but Smith primarily houses returning students, and our first year students typically make their home in Sheldon or Frees Hall. Burrage and Colonial are reserved for upperclassmen and transfers only.
Although most of our rooms are standard doubles ( two residents per room ), we have some super-sized doubles and triple rooms available. Please indicate which size room you would prefer; we will do our best to accommodate your preference, but rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis.
If you and a friend wish to room together, please list their name here. Your roommate must make a reciprocal request to confirm this.
Room Characteristics
When making your selections below: 1 represents NOT VERY important and 5 represents VERY important.
( 1 represents NOT REALLY, 5 represents ABSOLUTELY )
Personal Characteristics
Please choose the option that you most identify with.
Describe yourself
Preferred Roommate Characteristics
Please choose the option you'd most prefer your roommate to identify with.
Which of the following activities do you intend to be active in, or do you currently enjoy being a part of? Select all that apply.
By signing below, I agree to adhere to all policies and procedures outlined in the Housing Packet, Student Handbook, Student Conduct Code, and any policies or procedures communicated to me by Residential Life staff. To review this information, please visit: By signing below, I certify that all information given here is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. Providing inaccurate information or failing to complete this form may prevent Doane Housing from assigning you to your preferred living space.
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