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Nathan Rosenstock (1999)

photo of Nathan Rosenstock

Nathan graduated from Fruita Monument High School in Fruita, Colorado.  He wanted a small, residential college experience, and since his dad and aunt both graduated from Doane it was among his top choices for schools. Combining a liberal arts education with engineering through Doane's Dual Degree program was very attractive to him.

Science and mathematics were always favorite subjects for Nathan in school, and he had an uncle who was an engineer, so that became a natural career path for him.  After completing his physics studies at Doane, Nathan went to Washington University to complete a degree in mechanical engineering.  He was also the recipient of the prestigious Brown Fellowship from Washington University, which provided a full tuition scholarship.  After graduation from Washington University, Nathan pursued graduate studies at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, receiving a masters of science degree in mechanical engineering.  He accepted employment with Boeing in St. Louis, Missouri, where he continues to work.

Nathan remembers really loving the residential campus environment of Doane where there was a great sense of community.  He remembers the physics program giving him a solid understanding of mathematics and physics required for success in engineering school.  Professor Wentworth remembers him as an outstanding student with a talent for understated, dead-pan humor.

What's Nathan up to now?

At Boeing he develops algorithms that are needed to integrate different avionics systems onto the F-15 aircraft, and he also gets involved in flight test activities to ensure mission software functions correctly.  Nathan has traveled extensively in Europe (the photo shows him on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence) and is now considering a trip to India.  He recommends that all students take advantage of the travel interterms offered by Doane.