Music Sampler



1. Galop

The Symphonic Wind Ensemble is Doane's premiere wind organization. Comprised of the best 47 players in the college's wind program, the band performs, tours and records several times a year. Dmitri Shostakovich's "Galop," composed for the comic operetta Moskva, Cheremushki (A Suburb of Moscow), has long been an audience favorite.

2. A Little Tango Music

"A Little Tango Music," composed in 2007, is a wonderful collection of short melodies inspired by the sensuous dance from Argentina called the tango. Adam Gorb captures the essence of the dance with this provocative programmatic composition.

3. Undertow

"Undertow" is a high energy rhythmic piece that showcases John Mackey's characteristic compositional style. Mixed ___ patterns, dissonance and continuous variation make "Undertow" fun for both players and listeners.

4. Sleep

Eric Whitacre's "Sleep" was originally written to the words of the Robert Frost poem, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," but had to be re-texted when Frost's estate refused to release the rights to the poem.  The new text, by Charles Anthony Silvestri, atmospherically evokes the feelings and sensations of falling asleep, and of sleep itself.  Doane's premier concert choir, The Doane Choir, worked with Whitacre in a private clinic on the piece on our California tour, and this recording was made shortly thereafter.

5. I'm Gonna Sing 'Til the Spirit Moves in My Heart

Moses Hogan was the best-known spiritual arranger of the first decade of the twenty-first century, before tragically suffering a devastating stroke, and dying soon after.  His arrangements are characterized by difficult and complex choral writing, use of extremely high and extremely low ranges, and challenging rhythmic motives.  This recording is by the Doane Choir.

6. She Moved Through the Fair

Doublewide is a subset of the Doane Choir men's section; the group is a chamber-sized men's ensemble of about 14 voices.  This version of the Irish country song "She Moved Through the Fair" was arranged by Timothy Takach, a founding member of the Minnesota men's group, "Cantus," for which he wrote this arrangement.

7. Good Ol' Acappella

Doublewide's primary repertoire is popular styles, including barbershop, gospel, spirituals, vocal jazz, and doo-wop.  "Good Ol' Acappella" is a doo-wop standard, with the choir providing background vocal material that imitates instruments, while several soloists give the story--in this case a love for singing with good friends.

8. This Is It

The Doane Jazz Ensemble consists of 18 select players and performs a variety of styles including jazz, rock, Latin and fusion. "This Is It" is a fast jazz/rock composition reminiscent of a style made popular by trumpet great Maynard Ferguson.

9. Spark of Blue

Sammy Nestico is one of the great composer/arrangers of the big band era. He has published over 600 compositions. Nestico has written for many artists including Count Basie. "Sparks of Blue" is a representative ballad in the Basie style.

10. If It Could Be

Doane's vocal jazz ensemble, "Jazz Unlimited," performs standards and original compositions in jazz and pop styles, on a professional sound system.  Some repertoire is accompanied by a jazz combo, while other repertoire, like this beautiful ballad, is acappella.

11. So Danco Samba

This is a Latin classic by Antonio Carlos Jobim, performed with jazz combo.

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