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Megan Paulsen
Megan Paulsen BA
Academic Advisor D/L
Lincoln Campus
College of Professional Studies


Megan Paulsen is an Academic Advisor and Engagement Coordinator for the College of Business. She started working at Doane University in 2015 as the receptionist on the Lincoln campus. An opportunity came to join the newly created Enrollment Team where she served as Enrollment Coordinator and later as Enrollment Counselor. She enjoys working with Doane’s students, particularly the graduate student body.

Professional Experience

Doane University, 2015-Present

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Athletic Department, 2007-2014

Getting To Know Them (Q/A)

What advice do you have for students to be successful in their coursework?

Believe in yourself!  You made the decision to take the dream of going for a graduate degree and turned it into reality.  That decision may not have been an easy one and, at times, it’ll be challenging.  Don’t forget why you wanted to accomplish this goal in the first place.  You can do it!

What is your career advice to us? How can we have successful careers?

As someone who is just starting their career, it is tough to give advice.  However, the advice I’m using as a guide is to look inside yourself to figure out what really drives and excites you.  Then build off that foundation, however it works best for you.

3. What is your favorite quote and why?

“My thoughts are all I’ve got so I try to make them brave.”  This comes from one of my favorite songs from my favorite artists, “Hello, You Beautiful Thing” by Jason Mraz.  I often listen to this song when I need a pick-me-up or contemplate a tough decision.  Thoughts and self-talk are powerful things and the more positive we can be to ourselves, the more positive we can be with others.