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Meet the Council

Meet the Council

Tosh.jpg Tosh Utsumi '68                   

Why I Chose Doane: I arrived at Doane as a shy kid. Doane allowed and encouraged my intellectual and social development by providing friendly, knowledgeable staff and an accepting student environment.  The support built my confidence and became the basis for implementing the latest technical trends into my successful family business.

Wayne Fowler

Wayne Fowler '66

Why I Chose Doane: I grew up in western South Dakota and Doane seemed far away, but after my visit with admissions and the coaches it seemed like a good choice. It was!

Judy Fowler

Judy Fishel Fowler '68

Why I Chose Doane: I graduated from a large urban high school in Omaha. I got a wonderful education there, but the size was overwhelming. I visited two other colleges in Nebraska before I went to Doane. It didn't take me long to decide that's where I belonged. There was just something very welcoming about the campus and the admission staff. I didn't search any further after I visited Doane.

burrell.jpg Burrell Williams '71

Why I Chose Doane: 

bettie.jpg Bettie Carson Williams '72

Why I Chose Doane: 

whitman.png Doug Whitman '73

Why I Chose Doane:

ed boehle.jpg Ed Boehle '77

Why I Chose Doane:

Mary Steiner

Mary Olsen Steiner '80

Why I Chose Doane: Many generations had attended Doane. I was having trouble deciding, and I didn’t know what my area of study would be. I knew Doane was a good liberal arts college, so I made the easy decision.

Jeanne Pashalek Jeanne Pashalek '85, '10A      


Why I Chose Doane: When I chose Doane as a freshman I was interested because of its size, and I knew some of my high school classmates were going there. Steve Rasmussen was a factor in that decision with his recruiting skills. As far as my Master's degree, it was a no brainer. I have always felt a great deal of loyalty to Doane from my undergraduate experiences and wasn't interested in looking at other options. I was confident in my choice after reviewing the program and knew I would get a fulfilling and rewarding education. I was not let down. It was a life changing experience.

Kim zimmerman Kim Zimmerman '97

 Why I Chose Doane: 

tica 2.jpg Tica Perri '98

Why I Chose Doane: I went to Doane because of Dan Kunzman.  He recruited me at Camp LaForet where there were many other Doane alumni that participated as beloved counselors.  He knew it was a way better fit for me that NYU, where I desperately wanted to attend.  In the end, we all (my parents & I) knew that Doane was going to be a better fit.  My Mom cried and cried when she left me there, and Dan reassured her I was going to be fine.   I was fine, and I loved my time there. Still not over it. 

John Schwartz

John Schwartz '02, '05E, '08E

Why I Chose Doane: When I initially visited Doane University it was one of several colleges in Nebraska I was considering at the time. By the time I had left campus the day of my visit I knew it would be the school I would attend for the next four years. I loved the campus, was impressed with the college professors in the education program, felt a connection with the coaches on the track team, and appreciated the pride everyone associated with Doane expressed during my interaction with them. My experience over the next four years, and three additional Doane advanced degrees later, has only reinforced my belief that there is no place like Doane University. Go Tigers!

Laura Forster Schwartz

Laura Forster Schwartz '03

Why I Chose Doane: Choosing Doane was not a difficult decision. I had heard great things about the school and had been on the beautiful campus before making my official visit as a senior in high school. Like many students preparing to enter college, I was uncertain of what I wanted to be “when I grew up.” I liked the idea of a liberal arts education and attending a smaller school with appropriate class sizes. When it was time to make the big decision, after considering all options, no other college or university compared to what Doane could offer in terms of community and just being the right fit for me.

Justin Kozisek

Justin Kozisek '04
Member At Large

Why I Chose Doane: I chose Doane University because I wanted to be apart of community where I felt I could make an impact, be challenged, and feel I belonged. Doane University and the Crete community allowed me to feel like my involvement and activities were making a difference. The smaller classrooms and college professors challenged me to think differently. The Doane Community, Greek activities, college sports, and other organizations made me feel like I belonged to something special.

zach Zach Blackman '09 

 Why I Chose Doane: Coming from a small high school, Doane's class size and social environment appealed to me. I was looking to remain involved with extra-curricular activities and Doane provided me with many opportunities through forensics, band, choir, and Greek groups. When visiting Doane, I fell in love with the beautiful campus and knew it was right for me. 

Jason Orton

Jason Orton '11L

Why I Chose Doane: I chose Doane because after a search through the colleges and universities around Lincoln, Doane had more to offer the non-traditional student than any of the other schools I looked at.  The classes were the right size and the teachers at the Lincoln campus were there for the student.  I think for the non-traditional students that Doane offers the best education.

Fuller 2.jpg Matt Fuller '12L

Why I Chose Doane: After attending a larger college in Nebraska, I quickly learned the value and importance of my education but, more importantly, the importance of the relationships I would build during my college career and how quintessential they would be in my professional life. I ultimately chose Doane due to smaller class sizes and higher faculty engagement thus, providing higher one-on-one curriculum focus with my professors; what Doane offered was far more detailed and hands on than other Colleges and Universities. Many of the great relationships I have formed professionally have been as a direct result of my classmates, Doane’s plethora of opportunities and the faculty relationships I formed!

Mariana 2.jpg Mariana Garcia '13L                 

Why I Chose Doane: I chose Doane because it gave me the flexibility I needed in order to work full-time and still graduate within four years with my bachelors degree. I was so happy with my experience that I decided to continue my education and get my masters degree through Doane as well and finished in less than three years. The classes are small so you get the attention you need that bigger schools can’t give you. Lastly, the adjunct professors at the College of Professional Studies have real-life experience in the fields they teach, giving you true insight in what you’re learning. 


Tonya O'Neel '13L


Why I Chose Doane: I chose to continue my education at the Doane-Lincoln campus because it allowed me to continue working full-time and applied previously earned credits. The accelerated program for non-traditional students enabled me to complete two courses in an eight week period of time and the flex terms were awesome! Not only did I gain a great education from Doane University, but the connections and friendships I made over the years have been priceless.