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Master of Business Administration

Career Fields and Requirements

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Earn Your Shield

with a

Master of Business Administration

Career Fields and Requirements

Transform your MITx MicroMasters into a full master’s degree

Now that you’ve completed your MITx MicroMasters, you’re eligible for entry into one of the highest-ranked universities in the Midwest. There’s never been a better time to enhance your skills with a master’s degree from Doane University.

Doane University’s fully online Master of Business Administration program focuses on the technical elements of business management, both from an operational and strategical standpoint, and equips students with the rational decision-making skills that are essential to succeeding in business.

Upon acceptance into the program, the Supply Chain Management MicroMaster credential will satisfy Doane's emphasis area requirement and the student will only need to take 21 credit hours to complete their Master of Business Administration degree.

We offer five different start dates during the academic year, so you can get started promptly upon completing your MITx MicroMasters. Start terms are in January, March, May, July, and August.

Doane provides credit for the MITx Supply Chain MicroMasters credential

Interested students who have completed the MITx Supply Chain MicroMasters program will need to contact Doane University to submit an application for admission. Successful completion of MIT’s Supply Chain MicroMasters credential can be applied to a Master of Business Administration Supply Chain Management emphasis and will be eligible to apply for credit for recognized learning for the completed MicroMasters credential.

To be eligible to enroll in Doane’s MBA program, candidates must complete an application and fulfill these requirements:

  1. Hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution
  2. Complete the Online Application
  3. Submit an essay describing your career and educational goals, including how graduate study will help you in attaining them.
  4. Provide an official transcript from the undergraduate institution where you earned your bachelor degree and any graduate institution you attended
  5. Request three letters of recommendation from colleagues, administrators, or other professionals that can assess your ability to succeed in a graduate level program

Required Courses

Core Courses

BUS 601 International Business and Economics 3 Credits

Course description: A course that examines international business from an applications standpoint. Students learn how political, economic, and cultural differences affect the business functions and practices of management, human resources management, marketing, and finance. This course is graded.

BUS 612 Managerial Accounting 3 Credits

Course description: A course that examines how accounting information, from managerial accounting reports, is used to report managerial performance and to make business decisions. Students learn how to use managerial accounting information to plan, budget, control, conduct break-even analysis and set pricing, and to understand the impact of taxes. This course is graded.

BUS 614 Financial Management 3 Credits

Course description: A course that examines the fundamentals of financial management including the principles of finance; the time value of money; capital market efficiency; basic security valuation; basic capital budgeting; risk, return, and asset pricing models; the cost of capital; an introduction to the global securities markets and foreign exchange; basic derivatives, real options, agency theory, fixed income securities, the term structure, investment banking, short- and long-term financial management and planning, and corporate financial policies. This course is graded.

BUS 641 Strategic Marketing3 Credits

Course description: A course that introduces students to the analytical concepts and tools of marketing management. Special emphasis is placed on the relationships between marketing and overall company strategy, the development of a customer orientation, the integration of marketing throughout the organization and the implementation of systems for planning and controlling the marketing effort. Students consider problems of consumer analysis, product planning, integrated communication, distribution and pricing. This course is graded.

BUS 642 Administrative Strategy and Policy3 Credits

Course description: A course that encourages student ability to think strategically and to provide an intellectual framework that enhances understanding of the MBA core program. The course focuses on relationships among the firm, its strategy, and its environment; why firms choose certain businesses; which business strategies are successful; and how firms can change in response to a dynamic environment. Models for strategic formulation, implementation, and control are developed that facilitate an integrated understanding of the courses that comprise the MBA curriculum. This course is graded.

Choose one of the following:

BUS 602 Human Resources Management 3 Credits

Course description: A more diverse, technologically changing society produces differing ethical standards that must be examined by managers for their application to decisions that are made about tasks and people within the workplace. This course examines the relationship between business (both for-profit and not-for-profit) organizations and society as a whole, and specifically, the responsibility of business to society. This course is graded.

BUS 604 Advanced Organizational Behavior3 Credits

Course description: A course providing students the opportunity to conduct an in-depth study of human behavior in organizations. It focuses on the theory underlying individual behavior in organizations and the application of that theory to managerial issues that are present in today’s organizations. Major areas of study include motivation, group processes, power and influence, and conflict [management]. This course is graded.

Choose one of the following:

BUS 634 Econometrics 3 Credits

Course description: A course that examines the application of statistical methods to test and estimate economic relationships. After developing the theoretical constructs of classical least squares, common problems encountered when applying this approach, including serial correlation, heteroscedasticity, and multicollinearity, are discussed. Techniques for dealing with these problems are then examined. Models with lagged variables are considered, as is estimation with instrumental variables and two-stage least squares. This course is graded.

BUS 640 ​Analytics and Decision Sciences 3 Credits

Course description: A course that introduces fundamental concepts and modeling tools for decision making under uncertainty. The learning approach combines business cases, probability and risk analysis within conceptual frameworks, and spreadsheet modeling of managerial decision problems. The course will also provide training to perform and interpret Monte Carlo simulation and decision tree models. Other concepts discussed will include the value of information, option value, selection bias, herd behavior, and risk aversion, among others The concepts and tools are illustrated using business applications in the areas of economics, finance, operations management, and strategic management. This course is graded.

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