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Ardis Butler James Endowed Chair Recipient, 2012-2013.

The purpose of the Ardis Butler James Endowed Chair is to support Doane University faculty in advancing the liberal and fine arts through original scholarship or creative work, or through the development of curricula that effectively integrate a variety of perspectives on art, culture, or the human condition.

Statement of Purpose

Most important for me in the classroom is getting students to think cogently and to express themselves clearly and convincingly in response to literary art. My primary interests include medieval literature and drama, Shakespeare, postmodern anarchism theory and application, the contemporary American novelist Tom Robbins, and the history of European nations in the Caribbean.


  • Chaucer and the English Language (English 393)
  • Shakespeare (English 392)
  • Introduction to Fiction (English 237)
  • The Writing Seminar (English 101)
  • Creative Fiction Writing (English 238)
  • The Senior Seminar (English 495)

Selected Publications

  • "Als I Lay in a Winteris Nyt and the Second Death," in Bonnie Wheeler, ed., Mindful Spirit in Late Medieval Literature: Essays in Honor of Elizabeth D. Kirk. New York: Palgrave, 2006. Pp. 45-56.

  • "Sir Guido and the Green Light: Confession in Sir Gawain and Inferno XXVII" (Co-authored with Julian N. Wasserman). Neophilologus 84 (2000): 647-66.

  • "The Rite of Vassalage in Havelok the Dane." Medievalia et Humanistica 20 (1993): 25-39.

  • "The Pardoner's Old Man and the Second Death." Studies in Philology 89.3 (1992): 334-49.

  • Conversations with Tom Robbins (Co-edited with Beef Torrey). Jackson, MS: University of Mississippi Press, 2011.

  • The Wakefield Master's Dramatic Art: A Drama of Spiritual Understanding. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2003.

  • The Rusted Hauberk: Feudal Ideals of Order and Their Decline (Co-edited with Cindy Vitto). Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1994.



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