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Kappa Phi Zeta Sorority

Kappa Phi Zeta Sorority

Mascot: Wolf Kappa Phi Zeta

Flower: Gladiolus 

Symbols: Shield and Sword 

Colors: Silver and Turquoise 


President - Erin Lawyer

Kappa Phi Zeta is the newest sorority at Doane University. The group was established in 2014 by a group of strong, independent women who saw a need for a fifth sorority at Doane. The members of Kappa Phi Zeta strive to empower sorority members and others on campus by upholding the organization's core values. Kappa Phi Zeta currently has 15 active members and 8 alumni. 

We the sisters of Kappa Phi Zeta strive to accept and appreciate all our members, embracing our differences while holding onto our shared values. We support one another through our thoughts, words, and actions and devote ourselves to one another through our core values and the Doane Greek System values. 

We strive to come together as a sisterhood to serve the Doane and Crete communities. In order to promote the further advancement of the Greek System, we encourage diversity among our sisters and take full advantage of various talents in all segments of culture and society, and advocate greater solidarity in the Greek System. We also strive to nurture intellectual, emotional, and social development. 

Kappa Phi Zeta has partnered with the Hope Crisis Center and holds an annual donation drive to collect coats, clothing, and other necessary items. The group is also dedicated to raising awareness about different mental health issues affecting college students. Activities include a week of programming and providing information on various mental health topics. 

Minimum GPA to Join: 2.25 

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