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Doane File Exchange


Doane File Exchange is an online file transfer service provided to Doane University faculty and staff. By using Doane File Exchange, faculty and staff are able to send very large files to Doane University users and off-campus users.

Features and Functions:

Email is not best suited for sending large files or files containing classified information. Sending sensitive and confidential Information by email exposes the data to two risks: 1) The email could be sent to the wrong person, usually because of a typing mistake or selecting the wrong name in an auto-fill list; 2) The email could be captured electronically enroute. Additionally, using email to send large files can fill your mailbox quickly, and Doane's email has a 20 Megabyte limit on attachment size. By using Doane File Exchange, users are able to send files up to 500 Megabytes in size. Also, these files are not stored in your mailbox or the recipients' mailbox.


Doane File Exchange is available to faculty and staff during any time of the day.

To use Doane File Exchange, visit

If you are experiencing problems with Doane File Exchange, please contact Tiger Tech.

Self-Service Portal:


Phone: 402-826-8411

Doane File Exchange is free of charge for Doane faculty and staff.

Policy Information:

For policy information, please visit

Service Levels:

Server uptime goal = 99.9%

Average response time is less than one second.