Think of internships as a crossroad. You’ll need learning and career-oriented experiences that build on your academic coursework. Internships can be the connecting point.

Doane helps you navigate an internship with tools such as:

  • An introductory field experience class
  • Specific learning objectives
  • A faculty sponsor and advice from both professors and the Career Center

Points to remember about internships:

  • The best have a learning element that puts classroom learning into practice
  • They may or may not be paid
  • They may or may not be for credit

Internships Have Value

Credited internships are included on academic transcripts. They not only help you find a job – sometimes, they become your job. We can help you find opportunities, at times with Doane alumni. A recent survey of 259 services, manufacturing and nonprofit employers, said 61% of those employer's new hires had some type of internship experience. And 24% hired students who interned with them. As a stepping stone, this one’s a big one. (And it can count among the all-important credit hours toward graduation!)

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