International Admissions Process

International Admissions Process

Admittance Notification

Following the receipt of application and supporting documents, the admissions office will review the application material and determine admittance decision within approximately three working days. High school seniors or graduates with equivalent to a 3.0 U.S. high school cumulative GPA and at least a 20 ACT or SAT equivalent with also a minimum TOEFL (computer based) score of 75 (or equivalent) meet our requirements for admittance. Students with less than an equivalent to a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) U.S. high school cumulative GPA and 20 ACT or SAT equivalent will be considered for admittance by Doane University’s Faculty Admission Committee. Students will not be admitted without minimum English proficiency scores. International applicants transferring from a U.S. accredited institution with at least 24 transferable hours will be admitted provided their cumulative transfer GPA is at least 2.5.

Admittance decisions:

  1. Full Admittance: This decision represents the positive official review and acceptance of all official documentation.
  2. Provisional Admittance: This decision represents the need for official transcripts, documentation of financial responsibility, proof of English proficiency or all the above.
  3. Denial

Financial Resources & Financial Responsibility

Doane University is committed to enrolling a diverse and talented student body. International students may be eligible for institutional scholarships depending on academic and co-curricular merit. Doane University has partnership arrangements with select international universities and constituents which may dictate institutional financial assistance. As such, once full or provisional admission has been offered, each student is provided documentation outlining total expenses (tuition, fees, room and board) and any applicable scholarships for one year as anticipated by the Doane University Office of Admission. All international students will be allowed the opportunity to work on campus and as a result will be awarded campus employment as part of their award package unless otherwise notified.

Once each student has been provided an award package, the student is then responsible for providing official, original proof of financial responsibility which covers remaining applicable costs (comprehensive costs minus any applicable Doane University financial aid) for one academic year. The documented financial letter must be official, original, current, and issued by your financial institution within the past 30 days. If you have a sponsor, the sponsor(s) must submit a letter assuming responsibility for all your personal, educational, and medical expenses and official documentation from their financial institution.

Issuing I-20 & Enrollment Deposit

Students who have been offered admittance to the undergraduate program as a full-time, degree-seeking student will be issued a certificate of eligibility (Form I-20), generally within two weeks of admittance. Once the I-20 is received, a student should pay the enrollment deposit signifying enrollment intentions. Notification of the enrollment deposit amount is provided in the initial admittance notification.

Final Important Steps

International students are required to provide the following materials prior to enrollment but ideally before entering the United States:

  • Proof of health insurance which includes a current insurance card and/or insurance policy outlining specific insurance coverage within the U.S. In the event a student does not have appropriate insurance, a policy will be available to purchase upon arrival. Students must work with Doane University admission office to arrange this service prior to arrival.
  • Student Health Forms confirming all required immunizations. International students should obtain all required immunizations before entering the United States. Immunizations in the United States may be expensive and not easily obtained.
  • Student Housing Form: Doane University works hard to make housing assignments for new students based upon student interests and habits. The housing form provides important information to make these assignments.
  • Enrollment Registration: Once an I-20 has been issued, the student is eligible to complete enrollment registration for class selection. This should be (but is not required to be) coordinated by the admission office prior to student arrival on campus.
  • Official Documents and Payment: Doane University requires original, official copies of all application documents upon arrival to campus. In addition, all student balances (remaining costs for tuition, fees, room, board, and books) must be paid in full by the first day of each term.