International Programs

Greetings, students and world travelers!

The Office of International Programs is located in the Perry Campus Center and provides advising for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and study abroad to all members of the Doane University Community.

We're here to help all students, international and domestic. We can help you:
  • Become better oriented with fellow international students and Doane’s campus;
  • Complete the required SEVIS registration for international students each term;
  • Answer questions about maintaining immigration status;
  • Apply for F-1 student benefits;
  • Understand SEVIS notification of change of address;
  • Plan your coursework, even if you plan on taking less than a full class load;
  • Change degree programs;
  • Understand and complete Form I-20, which helps for things such as changing your major or a making signature for travel;
  • Find and understand immigration documents;
  • Find information for students whose stay in the U.S. or Doane program will end in the coming year;
  • Learn more about study abroad and experiential learning overseas.

For all questions regarding international student F-1 status please visit Kyle McMurray,  Designated School Official, in the Admissions Office.


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