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Doane has set up an office in China and Taiwan to help prospective students. Resources are provided online and offline to assist students understand the outstanding opportunities presented by Doane University and assist in the enrollment process. Prospect Students may contact admission professionals for additional guidance and services.

Doane University has several friendship projects with Universities in China. Doane considers Chinese students a high priority and is working diligently to create opportunities for Chinese students to continue their education in the United States. Doane continues to seek partnerships with Chinese schools for both 3+1 and 2+2 collaborative projects.

Collaborative projects currently include:

Elite Dual Degree Program Overview

The Elite Dual Degree Program is available to first-year students who enroll at Doane’s Crete campus and meet the program’s minimum requirements.  Qualified students are admitted to a Doane four-year degree program.  Doane offers the Elite Dual Degree Program with majors in Engineering Physics, Physics, or Environmental Science.  In this program, Doane provides a personalized, world-class education and the knowledge and skills necessary for success at premier universities in the USA.  In general, each program requires completed credits at Doane (typically 90 required credits) while the remaining credits are completed at a top American University such as Columbia University (2014 US News Ranking 4), Washington University, St. Louis (2014 US News Ranking 14), and Duke University (2014 US News Ranking 8).  After successfully completing the required credits at Doane and credits at the cooperating university, students will receive a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Engineering Physics, Physics, or Environmental Science.  In certain cases, specifically as a result of our collaboration in engineering with Columbia University and Washington University, we can guarantee admission provided students meet specific requirements while at Doane.

Pre-Med Program Overview

Doane University’s Pre-Med program is a four-year, intense academic program. Preparing for medical school can be thought of as a jigsaw puzzle: there are many pieces that must be put together.  Some of these pieces include formal academic work, building a resume of appropriate service activities, and developing a professional attitude.

Academic Preparation - Strong academic preparation is an important part of getting to medical school and being successful once you are there.  Most U.S. medical schools require a minimum of 90 semester hours (3 years) at the undergraduate level.  

Service and Professional Activities - Medical schools want to see that you understand what being a medical doctor is all about.  This is achieved by doing a variety of shadowing and internship experiences with physicians and medical clinics throughout your undergraduate career.  The Doane Pre-Med Program will assist in finding appropriate experiences.

Pre-Med Enrollment Criteria-  International students entering the Pre-Med program should have moderately higher English Proficiency scores and achieve minimum high school performance to increase successful admittance to medical school.  


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