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The growing impact of globalization, and the increasing interactions among global cultures and societies, provide the backdrop for the International Studies program at Doane. This is a multidisciplinary major, offering students the opportunity to take internationally-focused classes from the humanities, social sciences, and economics/business, depending on their region or topic of interest. A major in international studies provides the basis for future graduate studies in the US as well as abroad, or for careers with an international focus in a variety of fields (including business, government, education, or the non-profit sector).


International Institutions Affiliated with Doane


Fulbright Scholarships

Fulbright Scholarships are national awards given each year to American college students, teachers, and scholars to study, teach or conduct research at an international site for a full year. Doane has a longstanding tradition of Fulbright Scholars - 67 to date since the program began.  Doane scholars have studied in such countries as Spain, Germany, France, and South Korea. View a list of our Fulbright Scholars.


Travel Opportunities

As well as the required study abroad semester for foreign language majors, students have the opportunity to travel on college-sponsored trips to a variety of U.S. sites or international countries each year through Doane's Interterm (in January or May).

Recent international trips have been taken to: France, Germany, England, Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Israel, Australia and Sweden.


Travel Scholarship

All Doane juniors and seniors are provided funds to help pay for college-sponsored trips, via Doane's unique Travel Scholarship. Many students use this scholarship to travel abroad for the first time.



Doane University has a consortium agreement with the Goethe-Institut. Doane students at the Goethe-Institut in Germany will sit for internationally recognized proficiency exams at the conclusion of their stay abroad, which enhances and supports their career plan.

Learning Environment

Doane requires all students with language majors to study abroad for a semester. Academic advisers work closely with students to plan for study abroad activities. Doane students generally attend the following:

Whether it is interacting with global business leaders in Norway, singing in Sweden, or tracing your roots in Germany, a significant part of your education at Doane may occur as you challenge yourself to explore new cultures and old civilizations halfway around the world. Taking advantage of our convenient 4-1-4 academic calendar, the unique travel scholarship and our extensive network of institutional connections around the globe, more than half of our students travel in the U.S. or abroad before they graduate.

Most students use their travel scholarships toward short-term college-sponsored study tours organized during the January or May Interterms. Largely led by faculty, these tours take them as far away as Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland and Israel. But others—in addition to our Honors students and language majors who have a study abroad requirement—choose to spend an entire semester or year at one of our many affiliated international institutions. This allows them to better absorb new cultures, build stronger relationships, and travel locally in order to fully explore that region of the world.


International Internships

Doane faculty work with students to arrange internships in international locations, providing hands-on work experience for college credit and new cultural opportunities. Students have had successful internships with:

  • OPTIMA (filling and packaging machines manufacturer)
  • Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall (Germany's largest savings and loan bank)
  • Sparkassenverband (trade association of savings and loan banks)
  • Würth-Gruppe (multi-billion dollar fixing and assembly materials company)
  • Veterinarian's office
  • German newspaper
  • Literary agency in Barcelona, Spain

View detailed course information

INT 101 - Global Issues (3)
INT 496 - Seminar in International Relations (3)
ANT 308 - Cultural Anthropology (3)
SOC 308 - Cultural Anthropology (3)
HIS 106 - History of Civilization II (3)
PSI 105 - Comparative Governments (3)
PSI 327 - Globalization and Transnationalism (3)
INT 325 - International Relations in the Modern Era (3)
PSI 325 - International Relations in the Modern Era (3)
PHI 310 - Comparative Philosophy (3)
ASN 205 - Chinese Cultures and Beliefs (3)
ASN 210 - Japanese Cultures and Beliefs (3)
ASN 230 - Health and Healing in Asian Contexts (3)
ASN 330 - Women, Religion, and Society in India (3)
BUS 346 - International Management (3)
BUS 357 - International Marketing (3)
CMS 321 - Intercultural Communication (3)
ECO 325 - Asian Markets in Transition (3)
ECO 330 - Economic Development (3)
ECO 358 - International Trade and Finance (3)
ENG 330 - Postcolonial Literature (3)
FRE 312 - French Civilization and Culture (3)
GEG 301 - Social-Cultural Geography (3)
GER 415 - German Civilization and Culture (3)
HIS 304 - Military History (3)
HIS 335 - Modern French History 1815-Present (3)
HIS 341 - Modern British History (3)
HIS 317 - Twentieth Century European Culture: Fascism (3)
HIS 318 - Germany After Hitler (3)
HIS 326 - Modern Asian History (3)
HIS 338 - Modern Russia (3)
HIS 339 - History of India (3)
HIS 342 - The United States and the Middle East (3)
INT 310 - Survey of African Studies (3)
PSI 215 - The Politics of the Developing World (3)
PSI 340 - The United States and Latin America (3)
RST 315 - Buddhism (3)
RST 318 - Islam (3)
SPA 312 - Spanish Civilization and Culture (3)
SPA 314 - Latin American Civilizations and Cultures (3)
INT 421 - International Studies Internship (0-12)
INT 317 - Twentieth Century European Culture: Fascism (3)
PSI 326 - Modern Asian History (3)
RST 415 - Buddhism (3)
RST 418 - Islam (3)
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