International Baccalaureate Credit

Doane University recognizes the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and awards academic credit for successful scores on the Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) exams.  New students should request that their official IB exam results be sent to the Office of Admissions at testing time.  Questions regarding IB exam results may be directed to the International Baccalaureate Organization at

 IB Exam Subject


Equivalent Doane Course 


 Biology SL  5,6, 7 BIO-101 4 cr.
 Biology HL  5,6,7 BIO-110, BIO-111, BIO-112  9 cr.
 Business and Management HL  5,6,7  BUS-1XX Elective  3 cr.
 Chemistry HL  5,6,7 CHM-125 & CHM-126  8 cr.
 Computing Science HL  4,5,6,7 IST-1XX Elective   3 cr. 
 Economics HL  4,5,6,7 ECO-203  3 cr. 
 Environmental Systems SL  5,6,7 EVS-1XX Elective   3 cr. 
Foreign Language SL 4,5,6,7 101, 102,  203 in tested language 9 cr.
 Foreign Languages HL 4,5,6,7 101, 102, 203, 204 in tested language  12 cr.
 English A1 HL  5,6,7 ENG-101 & ENG-206   6 cr. 
 English A1 SL  5,6,7 ENG-101  3 cr.
 English A: Literature HL  5,6,7 ENG-188  3 cr.
 Geography HL  5,6,7 GEG-112  3 cr. 
 History: Americas HL  5,6,7 HIS-206   3 cr. 
 History: Africa HL  5,6,7 INT-188 satisfies Doane Core  3 cr. 
 History: Europe HL  5,6,7  HIS-106  3 cr.
 Mathematics HL  5,6,7 MTH-235, 236  4 cr. 
 Mathematics SL  5,6,7 MTH-235  3 cr. 
 Mathematic Studies SL  5,6,7 MTH-108  3 cr.
 Music HL  5,6,7 FAR-103   3 cr.
 Philosophy HL  5,6,7 PRE-188 satisfies Doane Core  3 cr.
 Physics HL  5,6,7 PHY-107 & PHY-108  8 cr.
 Psychology SL  5,6,7 PSY-117  3 cr.
 Psychology HL  5,6,7 PSY-117 & PSY-2XX Elective  6 cr.
 Social Anthropology HL  5,6,7 ANT-308   3 cr. 
 Theater Arts HL  5,6,7  THE-188 satisfies Doane Core  3 cr. 
 Visual Arts HL  4,5,6,7 ART-107  3 cr. 

These credit equivalencies were determined by course descriptions provided by IB as well as common practices by other four-year institutions.  If a student feels an equivalency is not accurate, please contact the Registrar's Office and the course content can be re-evaluated.

January, 2017

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