Instructional Design Services


The Instructional Design Services started in January 2016 and originated Doane's Adult Education Program. Within nine months, the department doubled and established a Director of Online Education. After two years, the department restructured combining our two former roles into one, a Learning Experience Engineer. This change has allowed our staff to specialize in their area of focus, extending IDS' services and accelerating the number of courses we produce. We offer faculty development and training, assessment and instrument design, learning management systems, and innovative educational technologies.

On average, IDS produces 50-70 courses a year, working with adjuncts from coast to coast. Our professional green-screen studio and mobile video recording lab enable faculty to shoot high-quality video wherever they wish.


IDS creates beneficial courses rooted in the principles of teaching, learning, and design. We crafted a 16-week approach to teach faculty how to develop online courses. We provide faculty with the knowledge they need to develop innovative and robust courses for their students. We are committed to furthering both technological and educational innovations that impact online learning - while epitomizing the personal touch and interaction that is Doane University.


Here at IDS, we apply this structured approach because it builds rockstars. Our students receive well-aligned, targeted knowledge and skills they will utilize in the job market. They are conquerors, who pursue challenges, never settle and carry skills as their sword, and knowledge as their shield. By building up every student, we build a stronger Doane.

Services Offered

Aside from course development, IDS specializes in other areas that relate to learning, teaching, design, and technology.

Faculty Development Training

Faculty learns how to develop courses rooted in evidence-based research and oriented towards student learning. We train faculty in the delivery of online courses, which includes Blackboard training, as well as instructional strategies on how to foster presence, increase engagement and motivate students.


We offer assessments on courses and programs, as well as on the design and validity of survey tools. Our office operates on a continuous feedback loop to ensure we make the most informed decisions regarding professional development, course design, instruction and design reforms, and technological advances.

Innovative Technology

While we have an established framework for our courses, we do not utilize the same tools in every course. Our learning community drives our technological needs, and we rework old designs or create new ones regularly.

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