Instructional Design Services

Instructional Design Services


Instructional Design Services began with the pairing of an Instructional Designer (ID) and an Instructional Technologist (IT) in January 2016.The goal was to build the Adult Education Program in an effort to become more competitive in the market and generate new target audiences for Doane. Within nine months, we doubled in size and added a new Associate Vice President for Online Operations. Two years later we restructured the office to fold the responsibilities of both the ID and IT into one role, the Instructional Design Technology Specialist, which effectively broadened the skills of each team member and accelerated the number of courses produced.

During this time, we iterated a 16-week approach to developing online courses. Our development approach is rooted in backward course design, which considers goals and assessments before the design of learning activities and instructional content. This approach enables us to partner with faculty to grow their understanding of learning strategies, design, and educational technology; to inspire innovation and the development of more robust ideas for their teaching down the road.

On average, the five team members who comprise IDS now produce around 50-70 courses a year, working with faculty members from coast to coast. We have built a professional green screen studio space on the Lincoln campus and established a mobile lab for video recording that enables us to shoot videos outside of the studio.

Each staff member now specializes in a particular area within the scope of our discipline, further broadening the services IDS offers. We offer faculty development and training, assessment and instrument design, training in learning management systems and innovative educational technologies. We are now called Learning Experience Engineers (LXEs) and we continue to strive for excellence alongside the faculty of Doane University.


To create effective courses rooted in evidence-based principles of teaching, learning, and design.


To inspire lifelong learners by transforming their approach to teaching and learning.

Services Offered

IDS also specializes in other areas that relate specifically to learning, teaching, design, and technology.

Faculty Training

The focus here is teaching faculty how to develop courses rooted in evidence-based research and oriented to student learning. We also offer training for faculty in the delivery of online courses. This includes the use of the LMS (Learning Management System) and the application of instructional strategies like fostering teaching presence, increasing engagement and intrinsic motivation in students.


We offer learning analytics, course and programmatic assessment including  the design and validation of survey instruments. Our office operates on a continuous feedback loop of design - test - redesign - test in order to make informed decisions on professional development, course design, pedagogical and design reforms, and technological advances.

Innovative Technology

We are constantly trying things out in IDS. We definitely have a mold that courses adhere to, but that doesn’t mean that we utilize the same technological tools in every course. The learning activity drives the technology recommendation, and we pilot new designs of previously used technologies and deploy new technologies constantly.

Learning Management Support

All of our designers have extensive knowledge of the university LMS. However, we have a specialist on board who provides in-depth help when technical glitches arise. We also offer one-on-one LMS training to faculty.