IINSPIRE Research Internships

IINSPIRE Research Internships

The IINspire Alliance offers REU and internship experiences within the alliance and with alliance partners.  Check out the IINspire LSAMP website for more information:  http://www.iinspirelsamp.iastate.edu/research-opp_and_internships.php

Additionally, there are multiple opportunities offered on campus.  Please talk to any of the science professors at Doane about research opportunities during the year and summer.

Here is a list of current opportunities on/off campus offered through Doane:

Doane DIVAS:  DIVAS Project

The IDEA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence Program: The Idea Network for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) Program

NSF-funded International Research Experiences for Students in Germany

Additional NSF and NIH funded grant opportunities offered by individual faculty.

Doane also offers research stipends for summer research experiences on campus.