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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

Students at Doane University are expected to demonstrate integrity in their academic work and consciously avoid any form of academic dishonesty. Therefore, please familiarize yourself with our academic integrity policies and seek out assistance if you do not understand any of the policies that have been laid out.

Here is an overview of what constitutes an academic integrity violation.

  • Falsification: Making any oral or written statement, which the individual knows, or should have known, to be untrue.
  • Fabrication: The invention or counterfeiting of information
  • Cheating: Using or attempting to use unauthorized assistance in the completion of academic work
  • Collusion/Complicity: Collaboration without instructor approval, or helping another student commit an act of academic dishonesty
  • Plagiarism:  Using ideas, data or language of another without acknowledgement in academic work

Plagiarism can fall into several categories. The following infographic will provide an explanation of the types and scope of plagiarism.

types_of_plagiarism_accessible_upated layers.png

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