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Welcome to online teaching at Doane University. The Instructional Design Services Department aims to support all instructors, whether a course is entirely online, or professors are incorporating Blackboard into their face-to-face classes. Our technological support includes Blackboard How-to's and training videos, as well as opportunities for instructors to investigate the world of online pedagogy.

What is Online Learning?

Online learning, or e-learning, are courses in which all content delivery and interaction take place over the Internet via Learning Management Systems (LMS) or other computer-based interfaces. Blended or flipped courses consist of a combination of online engagement and face-to-face meetings.

Online instruction requires a different approach to teaching than a face-to-face class does. Online courses are designed to be student-centered where the instructor's role is to facilitate and manage and empower the students to be active learners and collaborate with their peers. These virtual interactions help the student fully participate in their learning. To support instructors in their online teaching journey, we have gathered resources and training opportunities specific to online pedagogy.

Online courses date back to 1981 when the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute offered the first online college program. (Ferrer, 2019) While misconceptions on the effectiveness of online learning still exist, online education has taken advantage of technology, and are immersive, interactive and engaging learning spaces which provide flexibility to students.

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