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Blackboard Tutorials for Students

Video Thumbnail: Doane University - How to navigate your course

Navigating Blackboard

This short video will help you learn to navigate your courses successfully.

Video Thumbnail: Doane University - Blackboard Student Groups

Using Student Groups

Learn how to access groups you've been assigned to, as well as how to use the collaboration tools available to you and your group mates.

Video Thumbnail: Doane University - How to check your grades

Checking your grades

Learn how to view your grade information for a given course on Blackboard.

Video Thumbnail: Doane University - Sending email from Blackboard

Sending email from Blackboard

Learn to use Blackboard's built-in email tool to communicate with your instructor and peers in your online courses.

Video Thumbnail: Doane University - Participating in Blackboard discussion boards

Participating in Discussion Boards

Learn how to post comments, documents and video links in discussion boards with your classmates.

Video Thumbnail: Doane University - How to submit assignments

Submit an Assignment

Learn the ins and outs of submitting assignments for your courses through the Blackboard Assignment Submission tool.