Homecoming Class Descriptions

FRiday, October 5, 2018

Liberal arts Seminar class descriptions


9am - American Politics Dr. Tim Hill

9am and 1pm - ethics and the human Body Dr. Brad Johnson

This course will examine many of the diverse ethical issues related to the human body. Topics such as body modification (tattooing, piercing, etc.), pandemics, organ transplant lists, and artificial bodies/body parts will serve as material for how we make ethical decisions. Moreover, this class will examine the human body as an interdisciplinary subject, applying concepts from art, biology, religion, philosophy, literature, economics, etc., in an effort to undersand how we approach ethical choices from a wide range of perspectives. 

1Pm - Science vs. religion showdown associate Professor Peg hart

In a collaborative setting, students will apply and integrate knowledge and experiences to examine issues of religion and science from multiple perspectives. This class focuses on the 17th century trial of Galileo debating the sun-centered universe and Darwin's theory of natural selection. 

1pm - Intro to fiction Visiting assistant professor, english

Intro to Fiction writing introduces student to the art of writing fiction. We read a handful of exemplary short stories and discuss how they're constructed, and then we spend the bulk of the semester workshopping student writing. On Friday, Oct. 5, students have an assignment due called "Let's Get Weird." The instructions: Write a short piece that intentionally breaks from conventional modes of storytelling.