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Homecoming Class Descriptions

Homecoming Class Descriptions

Friday, October 11, 2019
Liberal Arts Seminar Class Descriptions
9am - Ethics of the Human Body
Dr. Brad Johnson
Students examine topics like tatooing, pandemics, organ transplants and artificial body parts and how we make ethical decisions. They apply concepts from art, biology, religion, philosophy, literature, economics and more.
9am - Rejected Rebels: Why the Right Idea Doesn't Always Win
Dr. Mark Meysenburg
Why are some people “before their time?” Some pioneering thinkers are hailed in their time, while others are mocked and marginalized. Students take on historically based roles to debate controversial issues and examine what we can learn from history so that we do not repeat it.
1pm - Science vs. Religion showdown
Associate Professor Peg Hart

In a collaborative setting, students will apply and integrate knowledge and experiences to examine issues of religion and science from multiple perspectives. This class focuses on the 17th century trial of Galileo debating the sun-centered universe and Darwin's theory of natural selection. 

1pm - Democracy in Asia
Dr. Courtney Bruntz
Students will compare Asian values to Western democratic ones. They will also examine ethnographic accounts from Asian nations to understand what democracy looks like in various contexts and will investigate contemporary