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"The past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes."
Mark Twain

History is the study of the past, of events, of people, of ideas, and of change over time. Students of history learn about what shapes our historical consciousness and how the present continues to be influenced by the past. At Doane, the history major offers the opportunity to study Western and non-Western cultures, from the Roman period through contemporary times.

Three-Year Graduation Program
Focused on a major – and a career – in History and motivated to move ahead at a faster pace? Doane offers a Three-Year Graduation Program backed with a three-year guarantee. The three-year degree program isn't for everybody. Students must apply and eligibility and acceptance are based on GPA, ACT/SAT scores and credits earned prior to enrollment. For those committed students who fit this option, faculty have created an intensive academic plan with a three-year course schedule.
Learning Environment
Introductory level courses, which enroll no more than 40 students, offer surveys of Western European and American history. Upper division courses, usually between 5 and 25 students, offer more intensive examinations of a specific historical topic or period. In your history classes, you will engage in a range of projects delving into the "whys" of history. Simulations, debates, discussions, group projects and presentations, as well as more traditional exams and analytical papers, offer the opportunity to develop good analytical, reading, and writing skills. In addition, exposure to primary source documents (written during the period studied), as well as secondary sources (historians' interpretations of events and ideas) offers the opportunity to examine the historical process - how we make sense of history - and to gain insight into complex situations and acquire cross-cultural understanding. You will learn how to work with and understand unfamiliar material, necessary skills as you begin your future career. Students who take history courses at Doane University and who have met specific academic requirements may be invited to join Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honor Society. New members to the to the Delta Delta chapter of Phi Alpha Theta are initiated at the end of each academic year.
Specialized Program Opportunities
During the academic year, you will work together with faculty on projects connected to your enrolled courses. Junior and Senior level students in the Writing and Research Seminar recently completed semester-long projects that included a history of a Nebraska family farm, the history of the sugar beet in Nebraska, a study of the continued use and adaptation of the hymns translated by Catherine Winkworth, and an examination of the Nebraska Industrial Home in Milford, NE.  Students utilized source material from archives at Doane and throughout Nebraska and beyond for their projects.  Students also work with faculty during the summer months as part of the Summer Research Grant program. During the 2009-10 academic year, Doane students had the opportunity to take courses in Arabic and Islamic Studies with Magda El Mahalawy, a Fulbright Scholar from Egypt, who was in residence on the Crete campus.

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Requirements for the History Major:

Complete 1 or 2.

Five additional elective courses in history with at least one course from each of the areas of:

Four-Year Plan

Three additional elective courses in history with at least one course from each of the areas of:

One additional teaching major.

All requirements listed under the catalog section Secondary Education.