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Sometimes, life is the best academic adviser.

It speaks up when the field you chose at graduation isn’t what you thought. (Or it was everything you thought but it’s not for you.)

A program at Doane helps alumni make their way to a new path, no matter how many years have passed since earning their undergraduate degree. We call it HELPS, short for Higher Education Life Planning Systems.

It provides two semesters of free tuition to graduates of the School of Arts and Sciences who have gone into the workplace and not been able to flourish. The program brings them back to campus for coursework to prepare them for better career opportunities.



Candidates need to:

  • Demonstrate that returning for a specific progression of courses will make career advancement possible
  • Enroll as a full-time student
  • Pay for additional credit hours if their program exceeds two academic terms
  • Have a Doane undergraduate degree (School of Arts and Sciences, Crete campus) completed at least two years before applying for HELPS