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Health and Society

Health and Society

Campus Location: 
College of Arts and Sciences

Health and Society is a program for students interested in studying and pursuing careers addressing the social, economic and political aspects of human health in addition to its biological foundations. Potential careers include:

  • public health
  • disease spread and prevention (epidemiology)
  • health services
  • health administration
  • community health 
  • or this major can be completed in conjunction with an endorsement in a pre­professional area (Nursing, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine)

Health and Society students integrate concepts from both the social sciences (i.e. sociology, psychology, economics, political science) and natural sciences (i.e. biology and chemistry) to gain interdisciplinary understandings of relevant health topics 

  • students choose one of six interdisciplinary themes or can design their own
  • students reflect on how the coursework in their emphasis can help them gain understanding of particular health issues in their sophomore­-level seminar

Health and Society students extend their learning into the research environment and into local, national and global settings.

  • all majors have the opportunity to complete an independent research project in a close relationship with a professor 
  • all majors complete an internship or a study abroad experience centering around healthcare situations

Health and Society students are trained to become well ­informed, globally ­minded citizens ready to address complex health­ related problems. 

  • unique interdisciplinary nature give students curricular experiences not found elsewhere 
  • focus on social and cultural aspects of health is more heavily emphasized in professional school, so this program prepares students for that new reality
  • provides students who have interests outside of the natural sciences an avenue for entering health ­related careers. 



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Requirements for the Health and Society Major:

Complete the following courses:

Capstone Experience

Develop a capstone experience plan (in collaboration with advisor) of 5-10 credits, to include a research experience of 4 or more credits in the natural or social sciences, and 1 credit of internship or travel abroad.

Programmatic Emphases

Select one programmatic emphases from the list below, completing at least 5 of the suggested courses; at least 3 courses must be at the 300-level and selected courses must include at least two prefixes. Courses used to satisfy requirements in sections 1 or 3 of this major cannot be used to satisfy the theme requirements.  Alternatively, a student can design a theme in collaboration with their advisor and the Health Professions Advisory Committee. 

Disease Process and Prevention