Greek Life Glossary

Active: a current student who is a member of a Greek organization.

Bid: a formal invitation to join a Greek organization.

Greek Week: the week prior to Spring Break in which Greek organizations lead pledge classes through activities that teach pledges about their group and build camaraderie with each other.

Pledge: an individual who has accepted a bid to join a Greek organization and is in the process of completing pledging activities.

Pledging Activities: activities designed to teach pledges about the values of their organization and build relationships among pledges and actives. Each group leads activities that are unique to their organization, but all activities take place during the same time periods throughout Greek Week. All fraternities and sororities are required to have a sponsor present throughout all pledging activities.

Pledge Class: a group of individuals who are in the process of joining a Greek group during the same Greek Week. Pledges classes can be comprised of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Pledging Hours: designated time periods during Greek Week in which fraternities and sororities facilitate pledging activities.

Potential: a student who is eligible for membership but not yet pledged a Greek organization.

Rush: the new member recruitment process that takes place each Spring.

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