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Greek Life FAQs

Greek Life FAQs


Who is eligible to join a Greek organization at Doane University?
To be eligible to join a fraternity or sorority, an individual must be a full-time Doane University student with a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or higher, although a few groups have chosen to have a higher minimum GPA requirement. All eligible students must have also completed one semester of classes at the college or transferred in a minimum of 12 credits from an accredited institution (those credits must be on file with the Registrar’s office by the beginning of the spring semester). Dual credits obtained during high school will not be counted towards the 12-credit-hour minimum. If necessary, the college reserves the right to deem a student ineligible to join a Greek organization due to behavior or disciplinary problems.

I’m not a first-year student. Can I still go Greek?
Of course! Many students decide to go Greek after their first year at Doane. While it’s true that most members pledge during their freshman or sophomore year, there is no rule against upperclassmen from rushing or pledging.

How many rush events should I attend if I am considering going Greek?
It’s important that individuals who want to join a Greek organization make informed decisions when determining which group fits them best. The best way to assess if an organization fits you is to meet their active members and find out if you support their organization’s core values. Each group may host up to four recruitment events through the school year. The two first recruitment events each groups hosts, an introductory event in the fall and an official Rush kickoff event early in the spring semester, are open to all eligible students. The last two recruitment events each group hosts in the spring are by invitation only.

What if I’m interested in rushing a particular organization or learning more about them but can’t attend one of their Rush events?
If you’re interested in a group but can’t make it one of their events, let them know in advance. This will let the group know to consider inviting you to future recruitment events. A list of contacts for each organization can be found here

If I participate in Rush, am I guaranteed a bid to at least one organization on campus?
No. The Greek community at Doane University does not guarantee that everyone who attends a Rush event will receive a bid. This system allows each group to recruit members they know will fit their culture and uphold their values. It also ensures individuals who have received a bid that the members of that organization sincerely want a potential member to be a part of their group.

I have a family member who is an alum of a Doane University Greek organization; does that mean I automatically get a bid to join the group to which they belonged?
It depends. Each fraternity and sorority has their own policy towards legacy members. For more information on a group’s legacy policy, please contact their organization directly or Amy Schlichting, Director of Student Wellness and Campus Life. A list of contacts for each organization can be found here

How and when will I know if a group wants me to join?
Groups deliver formal invitations called “bids” to each person they invite to join their organization. Bids are delivered to recipients’ residence hall rooms or off-campus locations. All bids are distributed between 8:00am and 10:00am the first Saturday of Greek Week.

What if I won’t be on campus or am unavailable during the time period when bids are distributed?
Bids are distributed between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. the first Saturday of Greek Week. If you will not be in your residence hall room or if you live off campus, you need to give the Greek System Director a phone number where you can be reached that morning. You will receive a call with bid information if you are unable to receive a bid in person.

How do I accept a bid?
Bid recipients must return bids to the Perry Campus Center Board Room between 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. the morning they are received. Women accept a bid by signing it. If a woman chooses to decline a bid and not join a particular Greek organization, she is to return the bid unsigned. Each sorority has their own ballot box for returning bids. Men who pledge a fraternity will mark the appropriate organization on a ballot. The ballots and boxes where bids are to be returned are provided in the Board Room.

How many bids can I accept?
Students may rush as many groups as they want in the process of deciding which group fits them best, but they may only accept a bid from one organization.

What do I do if I don’t want to accept a bid?
Women should leave the bid unsigned and return it to the Perry Campus Center Board Room the morning it is received. Men do not need to take any action and it will be assumed they decline their bid(s) if they do not complete a ballot in the board room.

The Greek system at Doane University is comprised of local organizations. What are the benefits to joining a group that doesn’t have a national affiliation?

There are three main benefits for individuals who join a local fraternity or sorority rather than an organization with a national affiliation. The first is that belonging to a local system allows groups to maintain complete control of how their organization operates. This is important because it allows groups to grow and develop in ways that are relevant to their particular campus without forcing them to adapt to a larger organization that may be out of touch with their particular campus environment. In addition, members of a local organization pay dues that are far below the cost of belonging to a national organization, making it significantly less expensive to belong to a local organization rather than a national one. Moreover, joining the Doane University Greek system allows students to be a part of the most tightly knit alumni network associated with our college. Each Greek organization has several hundred alumni spread across the country and around the world available for career networking purposes.

Pledging/Greek Week

When does pledging start and how long does it last?
Pledging activities start the first Saturday of Greek Week, which is typically the last Saturday prior to Spring Break. All pledges are required to attend a meeting at 11:30 that morning before they are eligible for participating in pledging activities (pledges who cannot attend this meeting must meet with the Greek System Director individually before participating in pledging activities). Following the meeting there is a luncheon all pledges are invited and encouraged to attend. Official pledging activities start at 1:00pm that Saturday and occur every day for a set period of time through the following Saturday. An overview of the pledging activities schedule is available here

What are pledging activities like?
Because each group on campus is different, they have different pledging activities, but all activities are designed to teach pledges about their organization and build camaraderie among their members. All pledging activities take place during Greek Week, which is typically the week prior to Spring Break. All activities are closely monitored by the college, and each fraternity and sorority is required to have a sponsor present at all times during pledging hours.

What if I’m pledging and can’t attend all pledging activities for my group?
It’s important for pledges to be present during as much of the pledging process as possible. However, conflicts do arise. It is each pledge’s responsibility to communicate with their group in advance of when they will need to be absent from pledging activities so that their group can manage the situation accordingly.