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Doane University’s Greek Life office is located on the upper level of Padour Walker. Questions about Greek Life at Doane University can be directed to:

Kayla Decker
Greek System Director

Individual groups can be contacted through their president:


Alpha Omega – Dalton Aksamit, 
Alpha Pi Epsilon –Kevin Gunter,
Delta Kappa Pi – Trevor Cyboron,
Sigma Phi Theta – James Clothier, 
Tau Sigma Zeta – Trey Roth,


Chi Delta – Samantha Desh, 
Gamma Phi Iota – Allie McConville, 
Kappa Phi Zeta-Kellie Parks, 
Omega Psi Theta – Erin Heuermann,
Phi Sigma Tau – Melissa Vasak, 

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