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Doane University’s Greek Life office is located on the lower level of Perry Campus Center in the Student Affairs Office. Questions about Greek Life at Doane University can be directed to:

Amy Schlichting
Director of Student Wellness and Campus Life
Phil Foster
Assistant Director of Campus Engagement and Greek Life

Individual groups can be contacted through their president:


Alpha Omega – Jason Osantowski,
Alpha Pi Epsilon –Jesse Gichuru,
Delta Kappa Pi – Caleb Rezac,
Sigma Phi Theta – Trey Perry,
Tau Sigma Zeta – Frankie Chacon,


Chi Delta – Chelcey Mannel,
Gamma Phi Iota – Paige Teahon,
Kappa Phi Zeta - Erin Lawyer,
Omega Psi Theta – Madisyn Ayres,
Phi Sigma Tau – Jackie Lewis,

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