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College of Arts and Sciences

Build the foundation you need for a career in design at Doane, where our new program immerses students in a unique, interdisciplinary approach to graphic design.

From motion graphics to web design and photography to typography, you’ll learn everything you need to prepare yourself for the professional world. A major in graphic design here will open you up to a number of career opportunities or pave your way to graduate school. Design theory and problem solving are as important as your portfolio here, meaning you’ll have the more than just talent to rise above in your career.

Learning Environment

Cooperative study space within the Art and Education building.

Find your creative space in the Chab Weyers Education and Hixson Lied Art Building, where you’ll spend your time in art studios and computer labs.

You’ll learn your craft using industry-standard and pace-setting technology like Adobe Creative Cloud on state-of-the-art Apple computers. You’ll have 24/7 access to the graphic design lab so you can design whenever your creative juices are simmering.

Outside of the classroom

Our liberal arts education is about collaboration, and you’ll build relationships with your own “clients” as you hone your graphic design skills (and your portfolio) in partnerships with clubs and organizations on campus and in the Crete community.

By your senior year, you’ll have a full arsenal of projects and proud achievements for your senior art show hosted in our new Rall Art Gallery, revamped to include graphic design technology!

Plus, our College to Career Center can connect you with internships, job opportunities and graduate schools that will help get you where you want to go.


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GDC 258 - Introduction to Digital Media (3)
GDC 260 - Introduction to Professional Practices (1)
GDC 275 - Typography I (3)
GDC 303 - Graphic Design I (3)
GDC 304 - Graphic Design II (3)
GDC 330 - History of Graphic Design (3)
GDC 375 - Typography II (3)
GDC 403 - Graphic Design III (3)
GDC 404 - Graphic Design IV (3)
GDC 460 - Advanced Professional Practices (1)
ART 234 - Introduction to Digital Photography (3)
GDC 345 - Web Design (3)
GDC 360 - Motion Graphics (3)
CMM 238 - Basic Video Production (3)
CMS 105 - Fundamentals of Communication (3)
CMS 321 - Intercultural Communication (3)
CMS 351 - Persuasion (3)
ART 107 - Two-Dimensional Design (3)
ART 110 - Three-Dimensional Design (3)
ART 207 - Drawing (3)
ART 204 - Visual Communication in History I (3)
ART 205 - Visual Communication in History II (3)
ART 252 - Modern Art (3)
ART 254 - The Visual Arts in the United States (3)
ART 350 - Contemporary Art and Issues (3)
ART 307 - Drawing II (3)
ART 314 - Intermediate Painting (3)
ART 333 - Problems I: Ceramics (3)
ART 334 - Problems II: Ceramics (3)
ART 407 - Advanced Drawing (3)
ART 414 - Advanced Painting (3)
ART 435 - Advanced Ceramics (3)

Program Overview
Three-Year Graduation Program
Learning Environment
Research & Video Demonstrations
Student Organizations
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