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Doane University Gives Needed Flexibility to Students

Doane University Gives Needed Flexibility to Students

Life brings students of all backgrounds to Doane University. Some want to finish degrees they started long ago. Some want to learn something new and change careers. some have never been to college before. One thing that unites them all is a desire to make bold, determined moves toward a better future. Doane is united behind a desire to help them do just that. 

A Degree With Choices 

Doane University's Lincoln Campus was built to give student choices. Students have a full list of programs to choose from, and flexibility to decide how and when to complete them. Doane's programs are designed to help students switch careers, finish bachelor's degrees, or build something from scratch. There's a lot to choose from.

A Degree Built With You in Mind

Doane knows today's students are busy. That's why it only takes one night per week to get started at Doane's Lincoln campus. In-person courses are offered one night per week, eight weeks per term, five terms per year. All of Doane's programs are like this, graduate and undergraduate. Doane designed its curriculum to work with anyone's schedule. Some people need the flexibility of online courses to make their study plan work. Doane offers classes online if that's what a student requires. They don't have to miss out on the credits they need, even if they don't have the time to sit in class. 

A Degree Built Around You 

Doane has a generous transfer policy. Credits earned at other schools count at Doane, too. Military service and professional experience can also count toward the completion of a Doane degree. No matter which path a student chose in the past, it doesn't mean that they can't get credit for it at Doane. Doane works hard for its students, creating payment options that work best for the students, not the university. Doane has also done away with unnecessary fees for students. Students are investing in their educations; that's what they pay for. There are opportunities for financial aid, as well.

Doane matches its students' investments with a personalized, visionary education in a setting built around the student. Doane prides itself on having fantastic value for its students, no matter where they are. 


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