Reading Specialist Teaching Endorsement - Graduate

Reading Specialist Teaching Endorsement - Graduate

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College of Education

The following 33 hours of course work leads to an endorsement as a K -12 reading specialist.  This endorsement requires a regular teaching certificate and two years of teaching prior to beginning work on the endorsement.  Students completing this program after August 2015, will be required by the State of Nebraska to take the Nebraska Praxis II test for certification.

Required Courses

EDU-685 Critical Issues in Reading – 3 credits

EDU-663 Reading and Writing in the Content Area – 3 credits

EDU-686 Providing Leadership in Literacy – 3 credits

EDU-640 Literature for Children and Youth – 3 credits

EDU-687 Diagnosis, Assessment and Instruction in Reading – 3 credits

EDU 688 Literature for Adolescents

EDU-689 Internship in Reading Instruction
(To be taken after students complete a substantial number of reading specialist courses)

complete one course (3 credits)

EDU-690 Writing in the Primary Classroom - 3 credits

EDU-706 Supporting Writers in the Writing Workshop - 3 credits

complete course (3 credits)

EDU - 676 Literature in the Secondary Classroom – 3 credits

EDU-688 Literature for Adolescents – 3 credits

complete one course (3 credits)

EDU-602 Assessment of Learning – 3 credits

EDU-645 Assessment of Literacy – 3 credits

EDU-614 Assessment Literacy Development – 3 credits

complete one course (3 credits)

EDU-634 Reading in the K-6 Classroom – 3 credits

EDU 667 REading in the 7-12 Classroom

EDU-606 Improving Strategic Instruction in the Language Arts – 3 credits

EDU-707 Supporting Readers in the Reading Workshop – 3 credits

complete one course  (3 credits)

EDU-678 Reading in the K-3 Classroom – 3 credits

EDC-612 Developing Literacy in the Primary Grades – 3 credits